Backside of Thought

February 1st - 7th, 2007


« It will just happen to you one day… Maybe it is happening now. You’ll talk to people and you will not hear the words they are saying, you will just think about yourself and what is inside of you. What is inside of you? What is making you the traitor of their thoughts and questions that you will leave unanswered? And while they talk, a parallel world will rise in front of your eyes; the world of situations, moments and actions, of wishes that had never come true… A flock of words, thoughts, need and hopefully will fly towards the sky- and still, they will talk. When all of that vanishes, the backside of your thoughts will remain. Someone had a sad, long time ago, that people always think about love, someone had proved that, but everyone felt it. Nevertheless, the ones who thought that love is the other word for weakness and pathetic felt the strength of love. Everyone imagines things in the same way, even though stories around them seem different…The focus of imagination is special, as well as the meaning of love, for them, is- but stories around them are the same and they last… In that monologue of the two, questions remain unanswered, sadness remains without a comfort, a joke without laughter, joy with no joy… and so on.

Be brave; don’t hold a dream about the lost paradise, but fight for your paradise. Somewhere, in a moment, words around you will become a silence, people will be silent, they will realize why you are not listening, why you are not responding- they will realize and they will forgive you that. “Because love forgives it all, love is long-suffering, it is kind and everlasting, at that moment you will remember who said this as well.”