Private Dancers

February 19th - 24th, 2007

The exhibition opens up the issue of Labour, while the current problematic revolving around the new work-conditions, as well as the impact of transformed work-concepts on a general value-system and social psychology, are being observed from and within the perspective of an omnipresent neoliberal order.

Immaterial labour, flexibility, temporariness and insecurity pertaining to all forms of job-engagement today, (un)employment, work-ethics, new forms of organization, social security, alternative models, economic migrations, global movements etc., figure among all sorts of issues put into question (at the level of this displaying “sample”, in various visual and discursive formats: video, music, photography, drawing, installation, computer-game, publications, public discussion, …) in the projects of contemporary artists/groups coming from Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Dresden, Brussels, Zagreb, Geneva, Dublin, Milan, Moscow and Belgrade. The exhibition aims at pointing out the necessity of rethinking the socio-economic effects of transition in the conditions determined by the privatization process of formerly state-owned property, and consequently, by the transformation of work-practices, as well as of the value-parameters in everyday life.

Vlado Alonso (Paris)
Big Hope (Budapest/Berlin)
Cicero Egli (Geneva)
Julia Kläring & Nils Olger (Vienna)
Andreja Kulunčić (Zagreb)
molleindustria (Milan)
Radna Žena (Belgarde/Moscow/Belgarde)
Kurt Ryslavy (Brussels)
Si Schroeder (Dublin)
Andreas Siekmann (Berlin)

Marko Stamenković (Belgarde)

Working woman
Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
AMC – Afrodite Mode Collection
Kluz Padobrani
Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia
Economist magazine
SIEPA – Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency,
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia
Kulturstiftung des Bundes / project relations
Kunsthaus Dresden – KhD
Galerie Barbara Weiss – Berlin
ArtBrussels 2007
SGB – Swiss Federation of Trade Unions
Bank Coop
Das Festival Der Regionen