What Happens When I’m On The Phone

February 26th - March 3rd, 2007

This collection of drawings is called “What Happens When I’m On The Phone”. Why? For a simple reason. When you think about it, almost everyone who happened to have a pen in their hand while on the phone, scribbles something unconscious. In most of the cases, that results in geometrical shapes and patterns or uncontrolled “jungle” of lines. That for me ( and for psychologists ) presents a very interesting phenomenon because it has a direct connection with our subconsciousness. That rather “uncharted territory” in our brains always fascinated me, especially since I discovered in my youth what Breton wrote about “psychological automatism”.

Nenad Vukmirović-Vuk (Illustrator) started publishing short comics in “youth magazines”, like “Mladost”, “Vidici”, “Non”, “Pitanja” when he was 17. With the appearance of “Yu Strip Magazine” in the 80s, Vukmirović grabbed his chance to publish kind of comics never seen before on the soil of Yugoslavia. Together with scenarists – brothers Stanišić (Mihailo &Goran), he creates esoterically surreal insane comic series “The 1000 Gods Of Fatherlandia”, which gained a cult status (as it came to light later). Those comics came to this world spontaneously, as a result of a healthy diet, this trio was on, like: “Monty Payton’s Flying Circus”, novels of Russian surrealist D. Harms and French blessed lunatic Boris Vian.

During the 90s in Amsterdam Vukmirović took part in several anti-war projects (comics compilation books with authors from all over the world) and takes part in group expositions together with some big names of the comics world, like Lorenzo Mattoti, Don Lawrence, Joost Swarte, Mirko Ilić… In September 2005. he had a solo exposition of illustrations and comics in the “Yo-Yo” gallery (Amsterdam). At present, Vukmirović works mostly on illustrations and visualizations for different internet companies.

“WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I’m ON THE PHONE”                                                                                                                     NENAD VUKMIROVIĆ – VUK
February 26th – March 3rd, 2007.

Opening: Monday, February 26th, 2007, 19h