Color De Luxe

March 19th - 24th, 2007

B92 is a synonym for synergy since it combines three media – Radio, with 17 years of experience, Web portal, operating successfully for 10 years, and Television, broadcasting in Serbia for 6 years, including Publishing house Samizdat, CD Label, Video, and Film production and Internet provider.  After 17 years of existence, B92 had become a highly recognizable brand. The exhibition of B92 creative department shows the creation and evolution of the brand itself, as well as the preparation and realization of the new design for this spring’s TV schedule – Color de Luxe. Members of B92 Creative department are Đorđe Marković, Igor Oršoliš, Nikola Radojičić, Nenad Radojičić, Srđan Mitrović, Vladimir Šojat, Branislav Tomić, Jelena Sanader, Jovana Timotijević, Aleksandra Berić, Milica Žebeljan.