Folie – Crazy love

Tamara Miodragović; Ana Rodić
March 26th - 31st, 2007

The posters are a blend of Tamara’s already existing drawings, acrylic, and some oils and Ana’s songs inspired by the mood, the feeling made by Tamara’s works. Songs as an anonymous letter. The breath of madness, translated into love. Project, topic: the city is my exhibition that began in mid-February, the posters were set to the corner of Dobričina, and Strahinjića Bana street, «Bollywood», «Idiot», «Maćado», «ULUS», «Pevac», river Sava, port Belgarde »Zajkon» – at the crane,«Pasaž Srpskih Vladara», near London «Goxi i Liki», « Atelje» Krunska part above the Cvetića, closer to Belgrade street; in the setting at other surprising places around the city, and so until the end of August. For the Belgrade Book Fair, a book model is already being prepared, which tracks the life of the project, ideas and achievements of the author: the plan is that in six months the city will be realized as an exhibition.

Posters can be purchased at Golsvortijevoj no.14 in Maćado bookshop.

Tamara Miodragović was born in 1969, Belgrade. She finished FPUID in Belgrade, she is ULUS member, and ULUPUDUs scholarship Antonio Ratti, an international award for drawing, she exhibits and lives in Italy (Como, Milan, Faenza …), and lives in Belgrade.

Ana Rodić was born in 1971, Belgarde. She is the author of books: «Momci iz kraja», «Sebi samoj», «Korenje», «Lisice». Scenarist of the series «Lisice», Member of the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia. The authors worked in all media, and continuous search for new ideas.