Satellite Night Fever

Davide Grassi
March 10th, 2007

Traveling around the world does not start and does not end at home. In between, there is a planet which is a window into the world. In 365 megabytes with software around the world. In the movie Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio (1982) the conflict between civilization and technology, on one side, and the nature on the other side, is represented by a reach succession of images. This conflict, thanks to the sequence of images, the rhythm of the editing, but especially the power of Philip Glass’ music, generates a tension that leads at the end to an almost apocalyptic clash.

Satellite Night Fever is inspired by this formal model and to the method adopted by Reggio of creating a dialectic between images that is capable of producing feelings.

But in this work, the dichotomy civilization/technology vs. nature is overtaken to face what it seems to be the more actual core of the issue: the relation civilization-new technologies.

Satellite Night Fever is a multi-channel video installation produced in September 2006 and first presented at MMC Kibla in Maribor, Slovenia in the frame of the event WJS produced by Intima, Aksioma, and Kibla.



Satellite Night Fever

Satellite Night Fever
Multi canal video installation
Autor Davide Grassi
Saturday, March 10th, at 19h