Paris (France)
April 3rd - 6th, 2007

“How to work together, when we want to work together but we have never (yet) worked together?” Local Access (Accès Local) was founded in 1998 in Paris, aimed at developing new collaborative forms between artists and non-artistic fields. The name Local Access refers to the importance of the local and of access in contemporary societies. Access being the new form of property that is developed in late capitalism, it has to be confronted with local positions. The confrontation between the local specificities and the (not so) general access to information, discussions, exchanges, values, is crucial. Local Access’ activities always involve other partners in a collaborative way. Not only artists, but philosophers, psychoanalysts, engineers, researchers, students, and designers participate in our projects. Local Access invents and proposes experimental situations and settings (simulation) that allow experiencing collaborative processes. These experiences strive to achieve aesthetic artistic experience by translating them into specific scripts adapted to the context. Experience is the knowledge that can shape and improve further organizational democratic forms. Local Access’ method aims at observing and stimulating dialogue within groups of people. According to us, a dialogue is not a dual process but a multi-voiced permanent one where no-one hears or tells everything. Listening and being listened to are the key subjects of our method which helps to refine the self-understanding of the group and allows as many voices as possible to be heard simultaneously.

Tine Byrckel, born in Denmark, has been living in Paris since 1982. Philosopher, translator of novels as well as art-critic and journalist for the independent Danish newspaper Information. Teaches subjects related to philosophy and psychoanalysis at “Peoples University”, Copenhagen

Philippe Mairesse, artist, engineer, Ph.D. candidate, art teacher, founder of the French artist group Local Access (since 1998).

Marko Stamenković

Centre Culturel Francais – Belgrade
Institute of Economic Sciences – Belgrade
University of Arts – Belgrade

Simulation™ [ Innovation PMC ]
Collaborative installation – multi-media participatory prototype

O3ONE, Andrićev Venac no.12, Belgarde
art-e-conomy:: Belgarde 2007

LECTURE:: APRIL 3rd, 18h (O3ONE)
CONFERENCE:: APRIL 4th, from 14h until 18h (Institute of Economic Sciences)