April 24th, 2007

ArtistHouse is an art project by Bryan Davies and Laura Quarmby to create and show expansive contemporary artworks. By relating art to other realms of society such as business, education and popular culture they aim to make more relevant and engaging works: “Many initiatives and possibilities in life go underdeveloped and unimagined because of the reality and pace of the market.  Art is perhaps one of the few places that these ‘surplus’ activities and thoughts are tolerated and it is accepted that they can be supported. We want to use this space of possibility to help imagine things and systems in society otherwise. As well as simply communicating these ideas through the exhibition, we are creating an expanded art that functions more actively.”

The Architel publication presents an essay and artwork by Artist House. It has been developed from dialogues with nine companies during their project entitled Cultural Trade (October 2004), an installation and research process that investigated art’s relationship to business. Inspired by the American exhibition and program “Case Study House” by Arts and Architecture Magazine in the 1950s, and the subsequent contradictory usage of these inventions by the market. Architel revolves around the idea and needs to re-invent more non-profit and experimental spaces within the current business and design market. The work questions the role of the art exhibition in this, and visual designs and proposes an economically sustainable creative space for a small architects office. Architel brought together 9 UK companies based in building construction (architects and property developers, engineers) and through a process of interviews in a built gallery installation I worked up a proposal for how artists and art organizations could help create a better build environment. This involved designing an artwork/architectural system as a hotel for cross European economic migration, which also housed and financially supported a new creative architects office. The structure also displayed patterns and symbols to do with these issues on its walls. The idea is to find a way to present something like this in Belgrade (as objects/drawings etc) or to find another manifestation from the same approach that is relevant to the specific context of the gallery/city – e.g. to run a similar concept in real-time with local a local architects/business.

Marko Stamenković
art-e-conomy 2007

European Cultural Foundation (ECF) – Amsterdam
Brajan Dejvis & Lora Kvarmbi (Lids/UK)
Presentation of ARTISTHOUSE group, and ARCHITEL project
:: Tuesday / April 24th / 18h