Democratic Innovation

April 28th, 2007

Kent Hansen, artist, curator, and theorist. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The initiator of ‘democratic innovation ( Cofounder of ‘Saloon’ ( Cofounder of the artists run Tv-station tv-tv in Copenhagen ( Through an extensive period, Kent Hansen has functioned as an international pioneer in the interplay in-between art, organizations and working life issues. He is especially coining communicative and innovative potentials of the procedures and change processes of collective art production; Simultaneously the phenomenon of “leadership” is thematized. Kent Hansen draws on the democratic development processes, where the diversity of interests is involved in the specific development art project, the specific processes, and productions. Lately, Kent Hansen has been affiliated with “Centre for Art and Leadership”, Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark on The Danish Arts Council’s grant for “artists as visiting professors”.

The Box Society is a democratic community of development. The project wants to underline and investigate democratic possibilities of artistic work of development and production. The goal is to develop an ultimate “ballot box” through collective creative design, work and study together with young individuals, e.g. between 17 – 25 years of age (but not exclusively) and with the institutions, schools and/or groups in were the participating individuals are situated.

The single development-groups in various local “target areas” work in Box Society to collectively produce each a prototype of an interactive “local” ballot box (or parts of a box) that concurrently and collectively feeds into the development of an ultimate “Box”. The groups’ joint concern – the “ultimate” box, its design, and rhetoric, targets especially first-time voters, and overall topics such as political communication and media-based opinion building. The developments and prototypes utilities a line of media and effects: spatial and graphic designs, texts, sound, video, multimedia, interactive media, etc. As an example: Part of the content could be videotaped re-enactments of specific political opinions in the target area – performed by the participants.

In the course of developments, between the various groups in the various local areas – working on their own specific version of a prototype ballot box, the participants/co-producers in the various groups are exchanging and discussing ideas, innovations, procedures, processes, experience and knowledge indirect interactions, at meetings, and virtually at the website [] – and opinions and judgments of the general process and organization of Box Society are developing concurrently.

Various expertise, know-how and financial/material support are also to be provided and exchanged by collaboration between Box Society and NGOs, institutions and commercial companies in the local/regional areas in were Box Society is initiated. The various local groups/co-producers investigate the processes of collaboration and development in Box Society as a model for socio-economical and democratic development processes in the relevant local and/or regional area. The ultimate ballot Box in development is both a symbol an actual functional “working” artifact exemplifying how you can go about artistic, collective, democratic development processes in a specific local/regional area.

Marko Stamenković
art-e-conomy 2007

:: Democratic Innovation
Kent Hansen (Kopenhagen / Denmark)
Presentation of DEMOCRATIC INNOVATION organization and THE BOX SOCIETY project
:: Saturday / April 28th, 2007 / 18h