SHOE Exhibition

April 23rd - 28th, 2007

At the invitation of the members of the ULUPUDS Section of Arts Historians, 24 artists of various profiles shall participate at the SHOE Exhibition. At the exhibition, amongst others, the following shall exhibit their works: M.Berberović, G.Glid, A.Bojović, P.Caranović, V.Čitaković, O.Karajanković, N.Kažić, P.Miladinović, T.Miodragović, A.Nedeljković, D.Otašević, A.Roksanvić, C.Radojčić, V.Savić, M.Rakić, I.Stokuca, M.Stojanović.

According to the concept of the SHOE Exhibition selector, it connotes walking and movement, which matches the theme of the May Exhibition «Acceleration». Namely, the shoe is an artificial object that has manifold symbolic features; hence, it is suggested for the fashion phenomenon to communicate with the artificial, anti-utilitarian and redefined objects beyond the mechanized, standardized and fabricated world and communication systems, all through artistic experience. The exhibited works interpret personal experience, nostalgically exploring the past, conceptual, associative, metaphoric-metonymic dimensions, within which an object of art imitates similar objects in use. Hence, the shoe, besides its accessory role has its personality and time dimension, its walk through time is full of symbolic meanings related to happiness, sexuality, harmony, magic. Therefore, «varying meanings» of this fashion detail have a metaphoric-metonymic dimension. Having no value in use, they find a reason for existing in artificiality and rebellion against mass products.

:: SHOE exhibition
:: The following exhibition of May ULUPUDS exhibition / the exhibition of members of Art historian Section
:: April 23rd – 28th, 2007
:: Opening: April 23rd / Monday / 19h