Culture Rocks The City

May 14th, 2007

‘Active Citizens – Local Cultures – European Politics’
Conference / Documentary Film Projection / Book Presentation An EU-supported awareness project called ‘Active Citizens – Local Cultures – European Politics’ was organized by the ECF in cooperation with SEE TV Exchanges (Brussels), ECUMEST (Bucharest) and the Interarts Foundation (Barcelona). The results are a 26-minute TV documentary, ‘Culture Rocks the City’, filmed in Barcelona, Lille, Timisoara and Zagreb, which demonstrates how culture can radically change the image of European cities, and the publication ‘Guide to Citizen Participation in Local Cultural Policy Development for European Cities’. In this book, experts Jordi Pascual, and Ruiz and Sanjin Dragojević explore the conceptual framework and the theories behind citizen participation in local cultural policy development and the mechanisms of how participation can be realized on the city level.

The program of events in Belgrade, under the common title ‘Culture Rocks the City – ‘Active Citizens – Local Cultures – European Politics’, is being realized as a locally conceived follow up of this EU-oriented project-initiative, in cooperation with the University of Arts (Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies – Cultural Management and Cultural Policy in the Balkans) and the French Cultural Center (CCF) in Belgarde.

The concept of the program in Belgrade is based upon a segmented structure of three complementary events:

– Documentary Film Projection ‘Culture Rocks the City’ (SEE TV Exchanges Production)

– Book Presentation ‘Guide to Citizen Participation in Local Cultural Policy Development (published by InterArt, Ecumest, ECF) – presented by Prof Dr. Sanjin Dragojević

– Public Discussion: Identifying evidence in the field of participative cultural policymaking in Belgrade and other Serbian cities (bottom-up principle), and naming the decision actors in local cultural policies of today

(attended by selected protagonists of various cultural scenes in the local context)

More information about the project:

O3ONE, Andricev Venac 12, Beograd
art-e-conomy 2007

Monday, 14/05/2007
15:00 – 18:00

‘Active citizenship – Local cultures – European politics’

Conference/Projection of documentary film/Presentation of the book