Jelena Koštica
June 4th - 9th, 2007


The great destructions of nature are a tragic reminder on the limits of human intervention on nature, the interaction of the whole planet and certain need of respect towards nature. Not all people care about the size of the ecological crisis which we face today.  The pollution, the threat to the renewable resources as well as the exhaustion of not renewable resources worldwide and more generally the degradation of the environment and the quality of life, have rendered evident the ecological repercussions of economic growth. Neither the industrial society nor the technology should be accused of the current ecological situation. The technology is socially neutral and we need to use it for the right thing to overcome the ecological crisis as well as the social crisis.

The logic of “development no matter what” that has been adopted by all social systems constitutes still a basic cause of the ecological crisis which we face today.

Joseph Beuys said: The defense of nature means the substitution of her health after constitutes the base of human existence and the ground to develop other artistic expressions such as music, poetry, and painting.

Not only that art can remind those who neglect nature, but can also give the solutions for preserving it. I believe that art can help us to recognize and create solutions for environmental problems. The process in art includes usually some changes. This change is caused by human action and decision making. I aim to put the person closer to nature and to try to develop the conscience of human behavior on the environment.

Jelena Koštica (24) graduated painting at The Middlesex University London in Athens – BA of Fine Arts and Technology. At the time, she is at the post-graduate studies at the same university – MA of Arts in Design.