“City concentration – Building on the roof in Vienna”

Building On The Roof In Vienna
July 2nd - 6th, 2007

Within the Architecture Week, June 29th – July 8th, 2007, architect Heinz Lutter from Vienna will present photographs of his projects for the construction and reconstruction of the attic as well as the new roof structure at the facilities in Vienna where the construction of attics and new roofing units is very actual. It is unthinkable that the creation of new space on the roofs has many advantages, including the use of existing roads, construction land or infrastructure. New rooms have more light, more interesting view, the better functional and visual potential for design… At the lecture, which will be held right after the opening of the exhibition, Heinz Lutter will explain his projects in light of legal norms and spatial and artistic demands as well as public opinion.

Heinz Lutter was born in 1945, Austria. He graduated from the Technical University in Vienna in 1972. He founded the Architectural Bureau in 1984. Parallel to architectural practice, Shop für Architektur is a shop that is unique in open, free first professional advice for all interested.

Author: architect Heinz Lutter

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