Students of Faculty of Applied Arts

Photo exhibitions
July 30th – August 4th, 2007

Studenti fotografije Fakulteta primenj­enih umetnosti u Beogradu

Students of photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade train their eye and spirit and their mentors support and encourage them so the maximum can be reached.  The quality scale is very high and the best surprise is when the young authors are reaching the highest level unreachable for them in the past.

Experience in everyday work and the research in Photography as a media is giving us the truth in this field. We have to keep in mind that photography is not a dogma, it is a reflection of the real world.

Classes at the FAA are held by:
Prof. Branimir Karanović
Prof. Mitar Trninić
Prof. Vladimir Tatarević
Asst. Dragoslav Mirković