Branko Lukić
July 9th - 15th, 2007


The exhibition and presentation of the Nonobject project, by Branko Lukić, is opening on Monday, July 9th, at 19h, at the O3ONE Art Space. The exhibition presents material (prints and video) about the Nonobject design and philosophy. Branko Lukic, the project creator, used to be a leader in industrial design at Frogdesign and IDEO, and to our audience is well-known as the creator of the attractive package of VODA-VODA. The exhibition will be opened until July 15th. NONOBJECT design philosophy presents a new way of thinking about design and creating projects. It is an exploration of the future of consumer experiences through design. This project presents NONOBJECT Book, through about 10 non-objects (photo/print + video).

NONOBJECT Book is the first of its kind – the first of a new genre we call Design Fiction. It offers a new way of thinking about design and innovation – a way which embraces the space between you and the object, gives answers and stimulates thought: What is an object? Why do we desire what we desire? Why has “functionality” been defined in such a historically narrow way? What is a beauty? Nonobject is an attempt to free the imagination by disengaging it from the constraints of utility, economy, and technology.

It bears no resemblance to anything currently in existence. There are various books that depict futuristic objects, movie sets, concept cars, etc., but Nonobject is of an entirely different character. Nonobjects a very serious book conceived and executed with uncompromising craft and informed by a deep design sensibility.

The book is aimed at designers, architects and the people involved in creating experiences who will appreciate the extraordinary subtlety and elegance of the “non-objects” depicted, but also at the growing audience of readers who have become interested in design. The rapid growth of the “design literate” public is one of the more remarkable trends of recent years, and on both visual and conceptual grounds, the book has the potential to engage a very large audience. The book, non-object, will be available this fall. Branko was also invited to present nonobject at San Francisco’s CONNECTING’07 World Design Congress in October 2007.

Branko Lukic, a creator of nonobject design philosophy and point of view, Branko was a lead industrial designer at Frogdesign and IDEO, where he led projects for clients such as Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Intel, Motorola, SAP, HP, Pepsi, Starbucks, Ford, Herman Miller, Nestle, and other major international companies. Branko won his first design contract at the age of 18 back in Belgrade, Serbia. Since then, he has created work in a wide variety of areas, including industrial and product design, branding, sustainable design, graphic communication, digital media, and conceptual design. Branko holds many patents and has won numerous national and international awards in the field of design and branding including Business Week IDEA Gold Award, Graphics Design Annual Award, International Design magazine Awards, red dot Awards, Good Design Award, and others. The Nonobject team created some of the most important Serbian brands – design VODA-VODA, Next (bottles), Gorki list, Vertical Vodka (abNormal), Or liqueur, V vodka…