Lenticular FAA Logotext

August 6th - 11th, 2007


New lenticular technology allows a plain, two-dimensional image, to present an illusion of the space or the movement. It’s a system that allows a bigger number of pictures to be placed in one place at the time. The lenticular image may remind someone on funny postcards from the Fifties, covered with a ribbed plastic folia, showing a girl face that winks at us when the image was slowly turned forward and backward. In that postcard, two phases of the movement of the face were carefully cut into very thin slices and fixed in alternate order, and the plastic cover has consisted of equally thin elongated three-sided prisms. By moving the picture, the prisms would alternately show the first and the second image.

The lenticular technology can be achieved only by using computers. By touching it, the ribbed plastic looks quite the same, but instead of the prisms, the elongated lens was used here. Expensive computer programs can interpolate (in theory) more than 100 different images, which can be observed by the gradual changing of the seeing angle. In practice, the number of images will depend on the precision of printing. The offset printing, for example, can accept a lot more images than digital printing.

Students of the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade, were informed of that technology on a lecture given by arch. Zoran Filipović, director of the LOGOTEXT company from Belgrade, early this year. Learning the basic principles, the students were encouraged to make their visual creations using only three images, due to the limitations of digital printing.

This exhibition is a result of their first contact with the lenticular technology, which requires, considering new possibilities of using the space or the motion, a different way of thinking than in a static painting, graphic art or illustration. The existence of more than one picture in one place, disturbs a common »unity of place and time« in the plastic arts, as the modern drama once did to the classical drama. This appears to be the very beginning of using the new technology and creating within the new possibilities.

In the end, in front of the Faculty of Applied Arts and the O3ONE Gallery, I am giving my thanks to the LOGOTEXT company, as a financial and logistic sponsor in making all the works for this exhibition.

Rastko Ćirić full Professor of Illustration and Animation, at the Graphic Department of the FAA.