Veljko Zejak
August 20th – September 1st, 2007


New series of works from artist Veljko Zejak point to some basic tendencies in the contemporary practice of young generation authors. These tendencies relate to the creative process and character of the final exhibited work. Namely, the position of artists has much more turned to natural and sociological phenomena, and the final product is not a more isolated object, but a flexible structure that constantly changes.  Work Nucleus appeared like a result of the research process of the author in which the basis of the research is a study of the relation between the optic like science and work of art. In a time when all resources of contemporary technological achievements are used in process of art production, Zejak researches possibilities of manipulation and impact of natural sources (light, water) on the character of an art object and its manifestation. Mutually influence, the interaction of object, nature of materials which are forming the structure of object and light create, independently from artist’s will, the new visible form of the art piece. In this case, art object induces interactivity whose constituent part becomes space within which object is set. The final manifestation of the art piece is always different depending on space in which the object is set in and the lightening methods. Sculptural approach transfer from a material object to his surroundings, on that point intent of the author to redesign different spaces by setting works in the gallery and public space.

The principle of production realized in work Nucleus, which already through his title point to interest of author for nature of elemental, primary, is developed formally in work “Deconstruction of the landscape” by using the same methodology, means, and materials.

The work of Veljko Zejak proves the capacity of the author which already on the beginning of his career exceeds local context, considers within contemporary production in developing of ideological concept of the work and in his realization which is in case of series Nucleus is technically demanded and imply exceptional skill and knowledge.

Milica Pekić Conev

Veljko Zejak, born 1980, in Postojna. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (2005), in the class of Professor Nikola Vukosavljević. He won the Sculpture Award prize “Vladeta Petrić” in the same year. He is a member of the Association of Serbian Fine Artists since 2006 and has the status of an independent artist. He participated in many solo and group exhibitions.