21th Century Angels

Zoran Velimanović
September 14th - 22nd, 2007

Anđeo sa trešnjama

For the first time in ten years, the famous Serbian painter Zoran Velimanović will be showing in Belgrade with the exhibition “21th Century Angels” at the O3one Art Space. Following his last show at ULUS Gallery, Velimanović moved to Nice. His works have been exhibited throughout Europe alongside some of the world’s most renowned artists including Warhol, Arman, Hockney, Giger, and Paladino. The surrealism that is present in Velimanović’s painting is emphasized by a grotesque feature that makes pain and misery allowable. Human ruins and mechanical debris, mixed on his canvas and tridimensional work on wood, portray horrible marvels that hasten and stimulate the imagination. Dreyer’s style atmospheres, conveyed in colors of animated composition, are steered by an artist’s conscious imagination and beyond traditional canons. As the successor of Nordic painters and teller of fears and miracles at the same time, he is the creator of sights that tempt for a journey into the unknown quarters of nightmares. Or could these be only dreams in disguise? Velimanović uses this ambiguity to paint a world of monstrosities, yet without intention to frighten us; he takes pictures of everyday life pass in front of our eyes, pictures which we are used to and we are ready to accept since they are part of our lives. He conveys to us the reality and offers a world where esthetics triumphs over worthlessness and misery. All this is presented draped in a pure and refined painting technique, which one autodidact can achieve only through stubbornness and passion and which dispels any suspicion of improvisation and coincidence.

Carmine Siniscalco
Director of “Studio S” Gallery, Rome
President of the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of Rome (AGRAM)
Zoran Velimanović was born in 1964, Ćuprija (Serbia). He lives in Belgrade (Serbia) and Nice (France). He has exhibited individually, as well as in group shows, both in the country and abroad.