Nordic Summer

September 3rd - 8th, 2007


From September 3rd till 8th, 2007, an exhibition by Finnish fashion designer Paola Suhonen, as part of the Nordic Summer program, will be open at the O3one Art Space. Paola is the head designer and founder of the Finnish design company IVANAhelsinki. She also acts as a freelance designer. In her works, she combines clear and pure Scandinavian design with Slavic style. Delicious prints and delicate details are her design trademarks. These elements are the core of her easygoing, yet sophisticated design style which is full of values and good feeling.

IVANAhelsinki is a contemporary Finnish design. It represents a new style called Fennofolk. It combines modern Scandinavian style with traditional Slavic touch. IVANAhelsinki is more about art and design than fashion. IVANAhelsinki is an exclusive Finnish clothing and home accessory brand.

IVANAhelsinki is a family-owned company that produces all its products in Finland and concentrate on concept and product design. Its clothes are full of positive melancholy and hope of tomorrow, camping spirit, homemade feeling and childhood memories.

Handmade details, sophisticated girlish look, and soulful prints walk hand by hand in IVANAhelsinki avant-garde collections.