Photo Exhibition

O3ONE HOTEL: Nenad Marjanović
September 22nd - 29th, 2007

Nenad Marijanović

Nenad Marjanović is a master of atmosphere. He is also an artist with a delicate sense of nuance whose sophisticated aesthetics approach the glamour of fashion photography. This, however, is only means to an end; his aesthetics are charged with meaning. Image after image – silent sequence combines to form a visual drama – a drama with no storyline, for he does not narrate but conjures, through subtle gradation of form and content, the atmosphere of moral and ethical downfall. The artist, however, does not address social issues directly. He is not a critic of society but is simply part of it. He captures its essence from a safe distance thereby resisting temptation. It is, after all, about his ego as well.

Bratislav Pantelić