Little Cinema in Our Heads

September 6th, 2007


Multimedia – literary – film – dramatic happening “Little Cinema in Our Heads”  introduces us into an imagined synopsis for the film of Felin’s dreams, in the synopsis, as Zivković himself says, “memories that can be bought for money”. Video work as a flashback proves “flicker of the book”. Amarcord, live images from Fellini’s film, graphics, and drawings, which by association with the pages of the book and the frames of the film, produce the illusion of movement, life, what is essentially a dead picture on paper. Dead memory. With a violent glare, it is an excerpt from Zivkovic’s Dream: The Fair, A Book of Laughter and Forgetting,… Dead Souls… so that, then…

“What he did and could not have been unimportant. Nothing that I ever did, I could never have been uncomfortable. From Himself. ”

Semjuel Beket : “Ohio improvisation”

Zoran Živković
Aleksandar Jerkov
Mirjana Marinšek Nikolić
Semjuel Beket

Reader: Jelena Bogavac

Listener: Milena Bogavac

video art: Igor Marković

Mirjana Marinšek Nikolić
the author of multimedia project, video work, and art catalog solution