Free Cinema Seven

September 10th - 12th, 2007

Free Cinema Seven

Free Cinema Seven is a critical moving image group. The group links the autonomous practices of its five founding members: George Clark, Redmond Entwistle, William Fowler, Rastko Novaković, and Matthew Noel-Tod. Its activities span discussions, screenings, production, distribution, publishing, and interventions.  Free Cinema Seven was founded in London in 2004. The term ‘Free Cinema’ is taken from critic and filmmaker Lindsay Anderson who was the instigator in the 1950s and the 1960s of 6 programs of films by himself and others associated with the Free Cinema movement. Free Cinema Seven is a nod at this key period in British cinema and an exploration of what ‘Free Cinema’ could mean in the fractured cinematic and cultural landscape of the 21st Century. These three nights in Belgrade are proposals and manifestations of its autonomous, collective and discursive practices.


Monday, September 10th / 19h
New work by individual group members

George Clark- LIKE A FIRE ON A HOUSE c8min (2007)
William Fowler – TEN MINUTES (2007)
Redmond Entwistle – SKEIN 25min (2007)
Rastko Novaković – BETWEEN CLOCK AND BED c15min (2007)
Matthew Noel-Tod – OBCY AKTORZY / FOREIGN ACTORS 45min (2006)

Tuesday, September 11th / 19h

Operations is a collaborative project utilizing key elements of cinema: image, sound, and text. The work presented is the result of year-long activities by Free Cinema Seven, during which the group freely exchanged and edited different materials between the five group members. The process of cinema production is performed as a conversation about cinema. Individual and group concerns contribute to a creative process where the traces of each stage of production (editing, exchange, discussions, iterations) are allowed to exist within the final single-screen video.

Wednesday, September 12th / 19h
Free Cinema Seven at the Movies

The audience is invited to view a film currently playing on general release in neighboring cinema to spark off an informal discussion regarding the contemporary moving image. Followed by a closing night party.