E – nimation

Igor Ćoric
October 1st - 6th, 2007

Igor Coric

With this exhibition, the O3ONE project celebrates three years of its work and presents new cooperation with the International Association of Art Critics (AICA). “Art for history” project shall present one author exhibition of the association member each year in the O3one Art Space.

Tailored for the “common” man. In just 5 years period (2003-2007) independent animation author Igor Ćorić has, with his craftsmanship, intellect, temper, and emotions, made a path from creating purely artistic and experimental films to structured film storytelling. The success of his films comes from all the aspects of his creations, but mostly from his sincere and intimate engagement for the “common” man. All that contemporary man endures alienation, physical and mental violence, THE pressure of personal and collective ambitions, global warming, technologies… -is the theme of these films, together with the author’s opinion and irony impregnated with constructive thought and creative force for the good of the civilization. The internet has opened the author’s eye for the world of animation and has evolved into his playground: the place to present his work, interact with his audience, and again, to influence his future work. Furthermost, through intelligent messages widely spread via the internet, this work’s direct influence undisturbed, unlike parents, school or media influences, teach us how to be better.

Presentation of Igor Ćorić’s work within the O3one project will include the series of exquisitely inventive animated films that the author creates in collaboration with Australian (Brisbane based) production house “BIGFISH.TV” that will soon air on the internet.

Ljubica Jelisavac – Katić

Igor Ćorić was born in 1978, Strasbourg, France. After five years of studies, he graduated painting on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2002, where he’s currently involved in Master degree studies of drawing.

Since 2002. he created over 50 animated shorts, several music videos, has been involved in a few TV animation projects and has illustrated more than 20 school and children books.

In 2006. he finished animated film “Leftovers” funded by the Secretariat for the culture of the city of Belgrade. The film is currently circling the world festivals. Since the beginning of 2007. he is working on the large series of internet films for Australian Brisbane based product that is yet to be aired. In September 2007. he started his work on his latest film “Feathers in Flames” funded by the Secretariat for the culture of the city of Belgrade and the Serbian Film Center. Since September 2006. he is running his own production house creating high quality independent and professional animation.

Besides being shown on the internet, his films have been presented and awarded at numerous international and local festivals.