Predrag Peđa Nešković
October 15th - 27th, 2007

New Dandy

Project NEW DANDY by our renowned artist Predrag Peđa Nešković, opens up in the most direct manner a communication with the contemporary culture which centers on fashion, that universal formula which envelops brevity, present and mobility as cornerstones of the ruling epoch, lost in delirium of frivolous, spectacles of exhibitionism, celebrations of the instant. By starting this sophisticated dialogue with the contemporary which is wallowing in the tyranny of mediocrity, Peđa Nešković manages with this project to realize a symbolic search for exclusivity lost in the amorphous and mediocrity of modern culture.  By placing fashion at the heart of contemporary culture, Peđa Nešković showed us how this natural embrace of fashion and media transforms the very meaning of consumption. By celebrating the New, media have taken the guilt off the act of shopping, freed the phenomenon of consumption and made a concept of saving redundant. By playing with delirious standards of universal trends in fashion, by the introduction of recycling and humorous interventions on long-forgotten fashion fetishes, with his project NEW DANDY, Pedja Neškovic is giving back the dignity to authenticity in the world lost in repetition, serial production, and lost auras. The choice of a treadmill on which the artist marches in his creations presents a symptomatic replica of the ruling infects of mobility, the universal imperative of brevity, the oblivion written all over the very heart of contemporary culture.

Despite the widely accepted paradigm according to which fashion is just an easy and harmless category, Peđa Nešković showed with his NEW DANDY project that it can become an instrument in a logical and encouraging search of integrity.

Zorica Tomić, Ph.D. Culturology