:: O3ONE HOTEL :: From my angle of the archetypal dimension of reality: 5 – 13 October 2007 // opening at 19h

October 5th - 13th, 2007

Jovana Malašević

The first solo exhibition that Jovana Malešević was created as a result of artistic expression in several different media: painting, costume, drawings, and objects of applied art – candlesticks and jewelry. The presence of each work is interpreted in the broader context of the conceptual concept, which determines the mutual condition of these various media. The starting idea is revealed in pictures that, by varying the motive of the temple and its guard, revive the spirituality of an old legend that served as a literary template, showing that the inspiration for the emergence of this complex group of different works came from the religiosity, mythology, symbols and their primary, of the original meaning, that which is not distorted by generalizations and reinterpretations of the modern era. Beyond any definition of a particular religion, and with symbols that are multifaceted and rarely visually recognizable, these imaginative images leave room for personal experience and interpretation.

Other works represent an attempt to achieve, through the transposition of the old into modern, in the way of thinking and the visual expression, one kind of connection – on the one hand, through the way of work and the uniqueness of the object, on the other hand through their final appearance.

The reduced forms are characteristic of the modern age but enriched with materials, patterns, jewelry, and details that restore the spirit and beauty of past times. Some of the candlesticks, which with aesthetics of gorgeous and decorative shapes, defy geometry and minimalism of modern design, nevertheless achieve their functionality through one of the greatest achievements of the modern era – electric current. In past forms of colored drawings, temple motifs and symbols of religion and mythology were given a decorative form, only partially associative, but essentially abstracted to an unrecognizable, which gave a modern term to a non-modern motif and proposed another in a series of ways in which this the joint can be accomplished.

The work of Jovana Malešević represents a deliberate compilation within which the author tries to, negating the antagonism between anachronistic and modern, introvert and extravagant, transcend his vision of the world into a series of works that are all saturated with the same idea. Such a world and symbol in it, seen from its perspective, personal and private, can, on a different level of interpretation, become the same for all.

Jovana Malešević (1982, Belgrade) finished high school and then enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts, costume department. During her studies, she began working on film, commercials, and videos as a costume designer and stylist. She graduates contemporary costume in the class of Professor Diana Macura, and stage costume in the class of Professor Ljiljana Dragović (2005).

She feels the breath and the beauty of art. She wants to look at every corner of artistic creativity and to be in for it. She wants to explore, find, and expand her horizons.

fashion design/design lamps, candlesticks/paintings, and drawings
Exhibition: From my angle of the archetypal dimension of reality
Author: Jovana Malešević

Opening: Friday/October 5th 2007/19h/O3ONE HOTEL