Sybase Developer Network

November 20th, 2007

On behalf of Sybase Inc. I invite you to a press conference to mark the beginning of the pan-European tour of Sybase Develop Network, whose first stations are technical universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad. As a sign of commitment to investing in students, Sybase has donated to universities in Serbia over $3 million of software products that will be actively used in classrooms, including Sybase PowerDesigner, the world’s leading data modeling tool with over 35% of the world market. Through collaboration with Sybase, students gain access to software, certification programs with benefits, assistance in the development of scientific papers, and the opportunity to exhibit these works at international Sybase meetings.

Sybase is the largest independent software company that deals exclusively with the management and mobility of information. Its operations are successfully performed by many of the world’s largest companies and state institutions using Sybase software. For example, more than 50% of Wall Street’s financial transactions are done on Sybase transactional databases, and the list of references also includes companies such as Bank of America, Nielsen Media Research, the USA Tax Administration, Brazil…

Join us to find out the details of these initiatives, with the presence of management and experts from Sybase and representatives of the University.

Conference    13h – 14h
Cocktail          14h – 15h

With respect,

Milanka Stamenković
Director for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa

Contact of a person for accreditation:
Ana Milanović
Event Manager
O3ONE Art Space
064 125 11 95