Traces On The Water

Milan Simić
November 19th - 25th, 2007


Time to see how newly developed technologies are being used in everyday life is getting ever shorter: homes look a lot like laboratories, and consumers are transformed into a sort of “laboratory mice”. The whole process is truly amazing and very inspiring…With this exhibition at the O3ONE Art Space, I would like to illustrate how electroluminescence, until recently used only in very advanced technology, can illuminate homes and I would like to show how recently patented silicone recycling procedure may be exploited in bathrooms – right away.

Electroluminescence and silicone recycling can correlate in a very innovative manner.

Soft (safe) recycled silicone bathroom elements will be illuminated and animated using electroluminescence – the light of the future!

Welcome to the 21st-century bathroom…
Milan Simić


Milan Simić is the Belgrade born, futuristic designer behind Milan’s Design, his Paris based studio. His artistic training spans a unique continuum from landscape architecture to theatre design.

Simić might better be referred to as an illusionist for his ability to transform everyday materials into perception-altering objects. A fantastic aspect of Simić’s magic is that these pieces are as functional as they are fun. In Simić’s words “I try to give strange and marvelous qualities to well-known materials to make them, if only for an instant, unrecognizable.”

Sotheby’s CDA 2003 will be exhibiting Simic’s innovative Liquid Crystal collection comprised of oven gloves, table mats, and coasters. These functional, quirky items are made from a technology that incorporates a silicon weave into the piece which makes them heat resistant. This collection represents a fantastically fresh take on utilitarian objects and this is the first time it has been shown in Britain.

Simić’s work has primarily been exhibited in France. In 2002 he exhibited in the VIA (Paris) an important French institution whose purpose is to support and promote artists of all media to the art community and the public at large. He received distinctions from Best of Now, Maison et Object, (Paris, 2002).

Presentation of Mil an’s design at Sotheby’s  London
By Contemporary Decorative Arts curator Rachel Barraclough