December 24th - 27th, 2007 // opening at 19h

We live in a world which is operated by machines which only can be understood by other machines. They are all around us, we can’t run away from them, and we can’t live without them. In every life situation we find a machine that measures something, supervises, controls makes things automatic, sends information, etc. William Lin
The exhibition My Virtual World is a result of the creative work of teachers, the Defectologist, and students of the Primary School Dr. Dragan Hercog. Two video projections show two theatre plays Dreams in the park by the tree and The Fox and the Crow musical poetical creativity of the students, photographs, computer graphics and works of art realized into other branches of contemporary and applied art.

During the time that was spent on the assignment, it was insisted on the personal experience of children, their associations, needs and reactions in connections to the world of contemporary technology. A conclusion was made that new generations very successfully integrate their freedom of using new technologies with their ideas. The children’s view on the matter of design of the computer mouse, icons, my documents, computer virus or design of the desktop sets a new dimension towards the freedom of craving and experimenting each child individually who functions as a magnifying glass which exposes characteristics of the curious world. They have an interest in the union of art and technology, the quality and differences of the works are proof of readiness and need for investigating possibilities that the computer world makes it possible.

Daliborka Pešić
art teacher in the school

The Primary School for children with special needs was founded by the Belgrade Assembly on September 1st, 1969. The school takes over handling all hospital wards, and for the children with more complicated illnesses organizes school activities at their own homes. From the year 1971 school’s name is Dr. Dragan Hercog, a medical doctor who was called by the International Red Cross to help the wounded in Africa, especially children, where he was killed in 1968.

Our school is exclusively the only school of this type in the Republic of Serbia. Because of a specific way of work, its significance and achieved results the school received Dositej’s award.

In the realization of the art exhibition My Virtual World took part: art teachers Snežana Ilić, Tatjana Rajić, Daliborka Pešić and the principal of the school Zoran Aleksić.