CONA Project

Irena Pivka & Brane Zorman
January 10th - 12th, 2008

In the frame of the platform ZONE, the authors Irena Pivka (architect, scenographer, intermedia artist) and Brane Zorman (composer, musician, intermedia artist) are realizing project since 2001. Until today, seven projects have been realized under the umbrella mark ZONE in the production of the institute MASKA, Ljubljana. However, the authors have just registered their institute ZONE, Institute for Contemporary Art Processing, which will from now on take over the production function for all further activities of ZONE projects. The ZONE projects have so far been presented in the following galleries: Škuc Ljubljana, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, Gallery A+A Venice, Maribor Art Gallery, ESC Graz, Gallery Kapelica Ljubljana, City Gallery Nova Gorica, and others. The authors collaborate with the artists: Igor Štromajer (Intima), Davide Grassi (Aksioma), and as co-authors of (dance) performances with a range of independent theatres in Slovenia and wider (Fičo Balet, Maska, Flota, Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Exodos, Wax Factory, City of Women, Cankarjev dom). Brane Zorman was a guest at the Gallery O3ONE on two occasions. In 2005, he and co-author Igor Štromajer put up an exhibition Ballettikka Internettikka and performed the project Ballettikka Internettikka: BEO Guerrиllиkka. He also performed a live event at Gallery O3ONE entitled Surround concert for 6 channels and 2 TV Eyes in 2006.

Thursday / January 10th / 18h / O3ONE
Presentation and exhibition of ZONE projects

A part of the ZONE projects (Zone B, 2002, Zone C, 2003, Zone C Entrance South, 2004, Zone Tourism, 2005, Rütli Strasse, 2006) deal with a common theme. They investigate the aspects and the problematic of integration and migration, geopolitical changes, emigration, cultural and sociological changes on the level of the individual and society in different situations, confrontations with new cultural and social space and cultural milieu.
The presentation will focus on the last two projects, namely Zone Tourism and Rütli Strasse. The presentation will also include some other ZONE projects, with particular emphasis on the last project radio ZONE – a project, legal FM radio station, which will be active in the area of Ljubljana, Slovenia, from January 1st till 8th 2008. The authors will present the program and the conditions for the formation of a radio station of this kind.

Friday /January 11th / 19h / O3ONE
Brane Zorman Vs BeitThroN – CTR (audio-video surround live event)

Brane Zorman will perform an audio-visual concert – Project CTR in surround audio technique. We are dealing with a controlled sound manipulation of different electronic and acoustic elements and fragments, which are during the process of the performance re-synthesized and re-granulated by the author into new audio sculptures and structures. The idea of the project is that the entire event is recorded (audio and video) and that the video clips are published at the websites and under the CC license conditions in different formats adjusted for mobile devices (GSM, iPod, etc.)

Presentation of ZONE projects and the project CTR are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. CTR is co-produced by Gallery ESC Graz, Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana, and Gallery O3ONE.