“NEW DANDY” – an exhibition by Predrag Peđa Nešković, held last October in O3ONE art space, was voted Exhibition of the Year 2007 and given Politika’s Fine Art Award “Vladislav Ribnikar”.  This exhibition was warmly received by the public and art critics alike. It was also reviewed by the panel of judges as a very studious and professionally developed project which moved the boundaries of artistic expression forward. It’s an honor that we recognized the high level of creativity and artistic quality of this project and participated in its production and organization.

It is our pleasure that, in the twelve best exhibitions in 2007, there was another exhibition held in O3ONE – “Moment of asymmetric silence”  by Saša Pančić. Realizing these, and many other projects inside its program, O3ONE.

Additional information about Predrag Nešković and the “NEW DANDY” exhibition can be found at the O3ONE web site.

About the Politika’s award and the best exhibition in 2007, Slavko Timotijević, Head Judge, said:

“If we avoid the traditional complaints about the extremely complex and difficult work of the judges, which isn’t that far from the truth, we are left to comprehend two things.

The first one takes into account this year’s artistic scene which has been extremely rich but,

paradoxically, very even, full of layers and disturbingly unpredictable.

The second thing is concerned with the criteria of the award. “Politica’s Award” is a traditional and prestigious award for visual creation which has an impact on the formulation of the main artistic direction. There were several misunderstandings due to a very constant mix up and inability to separate the main direction from alternative occurrences, and with these kinds of decisions, both last year’s and this year’s, our judges wanted to point out the very thorough and stable qualities of the art scene which makes up the main artistic direction. In this way, we hoped to show other institutions and new and upcoming corporations, which are turning up more and more recently as givers of important awards, that it is vital to also cover other happenings and aspects of the artistic scene and the hard work that artists put in. This year, the list of finalists is made up of artists from various generations, and it’s unnecessary to mention that their works are similar in quality to the winner’s work. Just like in many situations similar to this one, the final decisions were made on the finest of details.

From the list of finalists, which consists of the works of: Anica Vučetić, Vladan Radovanović, Čedomir Vasić, Branimir Karanović, Peđa Nešković, and Slobodan Trajković, the judges picked Peđa Nešković’s exhibition and gave him this year’s “Politika’s Award” for the independent exhibition and project named “NEW DANDY”. On a platform of multi-media character in the O3ONE Gallery, Predrag Nešković, in a provocative, positive, but ironic way, covered the problems of art, behavior, and fashion from the one side, and universal problems of social relationships in the context of the time, from the other side. He did this through the mediums of video, photography, objects, accessories, and photo-screens. This exhibition represents the highest professionalism, goes into great detail and covers diverse genres, which allows for the extension of artistic boundaries.

The visible and plentiful effort of Predrag Nešković is evident in his attempt to join two worlds – the world of every day life colored with the triviality, childishness and kitsch, with the world of art in which these sensations articulate into one, slightly more complicated artistic answer, which all together constantly contribute to his work being a hot topic.”