January 14th - 23rd, 2008 > opening at 19h

Fotografija Dragane Djorovic
The experiment in the widest sense of the word, as a personal step forward of an author, was a guiding idea for this group exhibition titled Experiment, set up by members of the photo section of the Serbian Association of Fine art, Applied Art and Design Artists. Participating authors are presented with one printed and one work in an electronic format which were created in the author’s search for the innovation with a result different from the work that preceded it. Mostly, the authors presented here are artists who had been for many years pushing the boundaries of art photography. Hence the skill, sharp ideas, simplicity in expression…

Exhibition Experiment was preceded by the exhibition of the same name and organized by this section a decade ago, shown in the Singidunum gallery in Belgrade. This time around, the exhibition will also be shown in Novi Sad, Niš and several other towns in Serbia, as well as in the regional centers in neighboring countries. Consequently, works of these artists shall be presented throughout the region and perhaps due to the interaction between authors, their colleagues and a wider audience, a new idea of another experiment shall be born.

Ljubica Jelisavac – Katić

Authors: members of the photo section of the Serbian Association of Fine art, Applied Art and Design Artists
1. Branislav Strugar
2. Danilo Cvetanović
3. Đorđe Odanović
4. Dragana Đorović
5. Zoran Džeferović Džef
6. Goran Malić
7. Igor Mandić
8. Imre Szabo
9. Jelena Vemić
10.Jelena Vučetić
11. Ljubinko Kožul
12. Ljubiša Tešić
13. Mario Bralić
14. Milan Živković
15. Mirko Lovrić
16. Miroslav Jeremić
17. Miroslav Zaklan
18. Nebojša Babić
19. Nenad Marjanović
20. Petar Kujundžić
21. Sonja Žugić
22. Verko Ignjatović
23. Željko Sinobad
24. Zoran Jovanović Mačak
25. Zoran Milovanović
26. Aleksandar Kujučev
27. Dušan Ilić
28. Aca Antić
29. Ivana Masniković Antić
30. Rade Milisavljević