February 4th - 9th, 2008 > opening at 19h

Exhibition of the senior year master course students of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade presents 32 architectural and urban projects situated in three locations in Belgrade. Daringly and originally, these projects aim to examine and question potential multilateral and virtual values of selected spaces in the city we live in.  1. Location – Natural History Museum, located on Malo Ratno Ostrvo
Natural History Museum was situated on Malo Ratno Ostrvo, between Usće promenade and Veliko Ratno Ostrvo. Visible from all different directions, in the very proximity of the Museum of Contemporary art, easily approachable from the river, with the attractiveness of natural environment and next to Veliko Ratno Ostrvo well known for the rich flora and fauna, make this location rightly for such a museum.

2. Location – Savski Square
Due to the reason of relocating railway traffic, the task was directed to the research of underlying location as well as in finding new adequate facilities and urban concept. The mentioned location offers the possibility for forming significant urban sites and urban topos considering the importance and potential of the location in front of the old railway station including the surrounding objects.

3. Location –  Faculty of Architecture close to Vidin gate in Kalemegdan park
It is started to be more and more often to construct and locate certain programs within the historical surroundings. One such program is represented by constructing the Faculty of Architecture next to the historical surrounding of Kalemegdan walls and Vidin Gate in Kalemegdan Park. Hereby the major issue of designing, form, and structure, i.e. the complex issue of testing proportion between projecting and constructing in context, is coming to the first plan, leaving to everyone the program setting only as a necessary and non-breaking part of designing process ruling by a bond of form and function.

Students of master studies of Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade
February 4th – 9th, 2008
Opening: Monday / February 4th / 19h / O3ONE