Photographs selected at photo contest

Refoto magazine
January 24th - 26th, 2008 > opening at 19h

For the past three years magazine Refoto, the only magazine dedicated to photography in Serbia has been organizing photo contests with specific themes. This year the theme was Experiment. Participants of this photo contest were of various levels of expertise, from absolute beginners to photo amateurs and professional photographers. Approaches to the given theme were different and consisted of various photograph adjustments using image editing software or creating experiments “in the camera” during photo shooting. The contest was open for the whole year of 2007 and there were over 1.500 photographs submitted. The jury consisted of the editorial board of REFOTO magazine. The first prize was awarded to Ivica Kostić from Niš, the second prize was won by Saša Lazarević from Belgrade and the third prize went to the hands of Miodrag Ignjatović from Niš.

Magazine Refoto is published as a monthly issue starting this year and new photo contests are already announced.