The retrospective of fifty years of Mirko Lovrić’s work

January 17th, 2008 > starting at 18h

During his active artistic working life which spans over half a century, Mirko Lovrić realized several major series of works, which were presented at more than twenty one-man shows and over a hundred important group exhibitions.  Until now, he is the only Serbian photographer who had a retrospective exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. Lovrić’s entire opus is a synonym for the unconventional, innovative and original creativity which manages to change the established views on aesthetic, a synonym for the flexible and sophisticated comprehension of art.
By constantly experimenting and widening technical and pictorial possibilities, he creates new artistic forms in photography, which extend the space of contemporary plastic sources. Through innovative optical structures, he strives to discover the new, universal artistic world and through it, a cosmic philosophy.

Lovrić is one of the most outstanding protagonists of photography as pure art-form. Fine art critics and art historians have positioned his artistic opus as an unambiguous milestone in the development of Serbian photography, in the technical-technological sense as well as in the achievement of completely new aesthetic qualities.

Mirko Lovrić (1935)
Graduated at the Applied Arts School in Zagreb in 1956
Member of the Serbian Association of Artists of Applied Arts and Design since 1957
Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Belgrade University in 1961

Lecture and presentation
The retrospective of fifty years of Mirko Lovrić’s work in the domain of photography
Thursday, January 17th, 18h, Andricev Venac no.12