Politecnico di Milano in Belgrade

February 23rd & 24th, 2008

Politecnico di Milano is among the 20 best qualified European universities. With around 40,000 students and more than 1000 professors, it is the largest Italian university for engineering, architecture, and design. Among its students were also Giulio Natta (Nobel Prize winner, inventor of polypropylene) architect Renzo Piano, Giovanni Batista Pirelli (founder of the company for the production of tires) and designer Gianfranco Ferrè.Politecnico di Milano in Belgrade
Saturday / February 23rd / 18h / O3one

On Saturday 23rd of February the presentation of “Master of Science” courses of the Italian University “Politecnico di Milano” will be held for the first time in Belgrade. Mister Michelangelo Balicco will lead the presentation and will talk about the ways of studying in Milan and the possibilities of contact with the world of business.

Students will have an opportunity to get all the necessary information about studying, enrolling the university and about the way of life in Milan, the economy, fashion and industrial capital of Italy.

Politecnico di Milano in Belgrade
Sunday / February 24th / 19h / O3one
Professor Fabrizio Pierandrei

In the introduction, the Professor will speak about his professional career, the experience of working with Renzo Piano and Ron Arad, and also about working for the clients such as Ferrari, North Sails, Sun Microsystems, Outrage, etc.

This is followed by a lecture dedicated to his teaching experience on the master studies of “Product Service System Design” at the Italian University Politecnico di Milano.

Design as applied art, in the form that we are defining it today is directly linked with the market, its laws and dynamics which are changing faster than ever in the last years. This progression and oversaturated offer of different products have made a traditional division of design into disciplines insufficient to respond to all the needs and to answer to new requests of the market formed by the local and global brands and mega brands. Experts, isolated in their field are not able anymore to remain concurrent, and well-designed object has become insufficient and not able to reach the client just based on these essential values. From this situation has been born the discipline PSSD, to connect products and services related to all the stages of the life of a designed object, to help a clearer communication with the target group and better perception from the client’s point of view.