Hands on the ground

Remembering Eleanor Brook
February 27th, 2008 > starting at 19h

The book “Hands of the ground”: The Figures, Places, Paths, Milan Tepavac – an artist, presents an unusual and odd monographic work – a study about another artist, Eleonora Bruk – sculptor and ceramist, a person of exceptional individuality, personal and artistic power. Creating a book as a mosaic of memories, he composed Eleonora’s work, her thoughts and visions in the first plan – but at the same time he shows one time period – the second half of the twentieth century – and different cultural contexts, from Great Britain, Yugoslavia to France – all stimulating and challenging for Eleanor and the various art circles in which they are moving. In front of us are Eleanor’s friends – an artistic scene of the eighties, poetry, photography, literature… Thus, we are equally important as texts called Clay, Azov Beasts, Amphora, Raku technique… in which the author emphasizes only Eleonora’s work, as well as the chapters on the family, nature, Belgrade society, friends…

By recording life paths and encounters, learning and discovering, Milan Tepavac enters into the essence of Eleonore Bruks art, an art created by the use of powerful natural materials, basic forms, antique techniques – realized in works modern and powerful in his expression and in correspondence with the time in which they are formed. From ceramic sculptures from antiwar installations, from the black little circus to sculptures in public spaces, Eleonora Bruk with her hands on the ground is stepping into the premises of an unknown.

Milan Tepavac, with this remarkable book that reveals an artist full of interest, life joy and energy, with constant counterpoint of life and artistic creativity, simultaneously contributes to a new effort to establish a culture of memory in this environment – a culture that will bring Eleonora Bruk back to the processes and flows of cultural communication in Serbia.

Milena Dragičević Šešić
culturologist, prof.FDU