March 10th - 19th, 2008 > opening at 19h

Turbo tomorrow is a project, collective, style, spontaneously created in fall, 2006. It encompasses four individuals of similar sensibility who share the same attitude towards art and creation. Doing their best in their author’s and research work they try to erase the barrier between design and art. They talk about anti-elitist stance through print, web and other media, where an important moment is cheap and greater reproduction of works.¬†Simplicity and clarity of expression contradict the place and society in which the works were created. Undefined and reminding shapes, lines and surfaces which penetrate one another, as well as objects ripped from everyday context, describe current emotional states and reflect sights from redesigned subconsciousness. One can notice the elements of contemporary culture which in this case serve as a platform for touch with tomorrow. Inspired by past, and neglecting presence, the works are created that are intended for the future. Flirting with styles, elements from our and foreign cultures and putting them in another context, creating a new environment with abstract contents- all these offer open and individual interpretations and purposes.

Their works notice, give comments and establish their own but social states too. They arise as a physical need, as therapy and before all for pleasure.