Đorđe Bobić
April 15th - 19th, 2008 > opening at 19h

Drawings of architect Đorđe Bobić originated as a distinctive means of communication with his surroundings. Whether he describes everyday events or different situations in life, he often uses archetypes of artists, architects, witches, literary characters such as Icarus, Hamlet or Don Quixote. They are being used as heralds to carry a message that the author conveys mostly to himself. It is a sketched diary, collection of graphic notes written with a quick stroke of pen and ink, or color pencil, using simple and minimalist visual language. It is an immediate response to any challenge. Individual drawings are not our main interest. Instead, the sum of all work and a sequence of various topics tell us a tale about our surroundings and events around us. They tell us about the parallel beginning of the personal story, they reveal the author’s musings about the world. And that is the way we should view this exhibition.