An attempt to overcome the urban crisis by means of charting intimate maps

Milica Vojvodić
May 26th - 31st, 2008 > opening at 19h

In this project entitled “an attempt to overcome the urban crisis using charting intimate maps” Milica Vojvodić is concerned with the depersonalization of space and time as categories a priory. This problem is well known as the “urban crisis”. The author has focused on the problem through the role and position of an individual within the urban community. This kind of intimate mapping of the city is seen as a possibility of resolving the “urban crisis” at the individual level. The map contains nodes encountered daily in localized space.

The work contains a research project carried out during the year 2007. Seven individuals were questioned, all of the residents of Novi Sad. They kept track of their activities in the following locations.

Private space – residential areas
The dividing line between public and private space
Public space – roads
– Working areas
– Resting places
– Places for communicating.

Their task was to track their movements, recognize the tracks on the ground and map them. From six points chosen, the following material was collected: snapshots of the ground of the given area, samples of soil, and written comments of participants concerning the given area.

The collected material was transformed into object-boxes and graphic sheets.
Its definite form “the day in the city” has been given by visualization. Stoop and take a look at these forgotten trifles. Recompose the segments of tracks and “remember” your urban paths.

Exhibition: An attempt to overcome the urban crisis using charting intimate maps
Author: Milica Vojvodić
26th – 31st May 2008
Opening: Monday / May 26th / 19h / O3ONE