Exhibition of installations and objects

Željka Momirov
May 17th - 24th, 2008 > opening at 19h

Independent exhibition of Željka Momirov consists of 7 groups – drawings of objects made in technique plotter printing on the transparent folios. Each group has variable dimensions due to the possibility of optical view displacement, which gives a three-dimensional drawing indefinite sequence. Using the potential of polyurethane magnifying glasses utilization, spatial drawings obtain their interior double space and coordinate with the space in which are located,  giving the possibility to research on the relation of optical elements – optical view, what is the cardinal concept of the exhibition. At the exhibition, except spatial installations, it will be presented the creation composed of 4 identical elements, realized as luminous billboard exposition. A synthesis between spatial installations and objects (in this case – luminous billboard) is video creation (composed of 4 elements) which is specific for himself and exists for his purpose (separately by sound and drawing), but, in one, it implies the unique entity.

Željka Momirov (1962) graduated in 1987 at BFA University of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Yugoslavia – Department of Sculpture, with an emphasis on site-specific sculpture and in 1992 at MFA University of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. She is a member of Association of Fine Artists of Serbia / ULUS, member of Association of Fine Artist of Applied Art and Design of Serbia / ULUPUDS. Željka lives and works in Belgrade.