“Tree of life”

May 12th - 13th, 2008 > opening at 19h

There are very few artists who have in their opus so many achievements and stylistically different arrangements which are at the same time marked by the personal seal and unique talent of the author. Exactly what kind of artist was Laza Ristovski, a composer, arranger and virtuoso on the keyboards? During the last 15 years Laza has lived and worked fighting multiple sclerosis, a pernicious disease which didn’t stop him, did not demoralize him neither did it separate him from the music.

His album ″Tree of life″ remained unfinished. With the help of his renowned colleagues, authors and performers 10 compositions were recorded, each one sung by a different performer.

Dado Topić (Time), Dragi Jelić (Yu Grupa), Tijana Dapčević, Ognjen Radivojević, Niggor, Nikola Čuturilo…are only a few members of the “All-Star” team, who unselfishly showed their appreciation to their departed friend by taking a part in this project. CD design is the work of the famous designer Professor Rastko Ciric and CD cover was made by academic painter Sanda Ristovski.

Album will be supported by a mini-tour in Serbia, which will be humanitarian and followed up by an exhibition of Laza Ristovski’s photos, CD covers, and posters presented at O3ONE.