White House Project

Đorđe Joksimović
May 6th -10th, 2008 > opening 21h

The WHP project brings photography, architecture, and design into a distinctive fusion of analytical socio-geographical mapping of the city, focusing on details and aesthetics of the image-making – setting the trend of the city. On a deeper note, the project celebrates design as an experience and architecture, in a set environment, as an interactive part of everyday life. The WHP project combines many different mediums to deliver information, experience, and excitement – a tale of one city. It creates a graphical representation between two destinations in a single image. Moreover, working with digital photography and computer graphics the author works on capturing the essence of the city in its many forms, changing hues of the weather at different times of the day. Each of these 10 themes in the project: ABSENCE, TOTAL WAR I, OLYMPIC LANDSCAPE, TOTAL WAR II, TAKE A BREATH, WAS I BORED, CAMPING OUT, MORE FORMAL, CONSTANT PLAYGROUND, and UNTITLED PUBLIC MEMORY capture different time interval of the city’s colorful life span with no set criteria for intervention.

Đorđe Joksimović defines a new level of visual expression through the concept itself.
The WHP project was primarily conducted in 2003 to inspire people to find out about the city they live in… but not just the city, to find out more about them. Influences of the cities he lived and worked in, from London, Melbourne, Berlin, Barcelona to Valencia are present in his work, which reflects an interaction between people and the environment. This project reassembles and at the same time combines different aspects of the author’s personality, tendencies, and aspirations. Photography, music, design, architecture; he is using this entire media to communicate.

“Communication is a priority. Perception is everything. Design is the key.”


Exhibition: White House Project
Author: Đorđe Joksimović
May 6th – 10th, 2008
Opening: Tuesday / May 6th / 21h / O3ONE