The dying village, Marko Stamatović
June 9th - 18th, 2008 > opening at 19h

The reporting black & white photography exhibition is the evidence about a disappearing Šumadian village. It is a story of Dobroselica, a little village situated on the sides of the Gledić Mountains, maybe one of the last guards of many centuries tradition of Levac and Šumadia, which is slowly dimming and disappearing. The story of the place with the beautiful and undamaged nature, where hard clouds and the Sun eternally struggle for superiority over the sky and where the wind daily cuts the faces of few old, but hospitable and modest people. It is the original writing of the oblivion, deserted homes, difficult and brutal destiny; it is also the author’s try to record all that and memorize for the future generations, in order to pay attention to the question how much preserving of such villages is essential for ourselves, because the people with no tradition are the people with no future…