- the personal strategy of fictionalization, Zorica Šormaz
July 17th - 19th, 2008 > opening at 19h

This exhibition explores the idea of fiction and it aims to construct a fictional biography of the author. There will present earlier works and exhibitions, and two latest works, video “Daggers” an animated short “Deep Cuts”. Both of these works go about digital surroundings and the paradox of fictional merging with screen images. The author Zorica Šormaz had about twenty solo exhibitions worldwide and participated in many group exhibitions. Her works are in prestige collections of contemporary art. Most of the works are a reflection of her theoretical explorations of new technological, electronic and virtual phenomena of today and point of their intersection with common social phenomena and their realities.

“The relation of the subject, with its body, history, geography, space, etc. in front of the computer console takes on a kind of paradoxical communication which is not direct but mediated by the third gaze: that of the computer machine. What is at stake here is the temporal loss of the subject’s symbolic identity: the subject is forced to perceive that it is not what it thought it was.

We can be taken else/were and no/where.”