Seven voices in time

August 21st - 27th, 2008 > opening at 19h

Opening of the exhibition on the 21st of August at 19h
In June 2006. the delegates from 26 countries (among which was MEC from Serbia) founded in Los Angeles a world movement “International Youth Media Summit” with the objective to use the creative energy of young people as means of battle against seven global problems: violence, racism, poverty, environment, health, women’s rights, and youth empowerment! Today, the movement consists of organizations from more than forty countries. This exhibition is one part of the 3rd International Youth Media Summit which is being held in Belgrade at the same time, and it will show photos and multimedia material created by young people from all around the World.

The program of the IYMS is exclusively designed to provide Skill and Professional Development as well as familiarizing the young participants with codes and standards of Media. Also, provide a media platform for young adults to express and present the seven significant issues relating to them globally.

Content of the Exposition will be a selection from the huge collection of the New Media Works made by young people all around the globe about seven issues Summit targeting. The same content will be reachable by internet at the web site of the Summit and during the Belgrade Conference and Workshop special International Team will take care to Exhibition became interactive, with the possibility for all interested people to send to us comments or to upload new content in connection with activities of the Summit.

Presenters in the Summit will be representatives of the many important organizations:

  • CIFEJ, Centre International du Film pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse, Global organization found by UN, UNESCO and UNICEF 1955
  • World Summit Foundation-5th World Summit on Media for Children like tool for global peace and democracy
  • Global Kids for Kids Festival, Balkan KFK Festival, KFK Africa and Nordic and Baltic KFK Festival
  • UNESCO International Clearinghouse for Children, Youth, and Media
  • Association of the Polish Filmmakers
  • KANOON, Iranian children’s and youth film and animation producer