New collection of whichever

Dragan Đorđević
September 8th - 13th, 2008 > opening at 19h

Dragan Đorđević’s exhibition “New collection of whichever”, will be held at O3one art space on September, 8 – 13th. The exhibition consists of sculptures and videos. About the exhibition, the author says: “Besides other Existentialist practices of meditations, I established another exercise: naming my exhibitions before the works on the display is created.  The previous exhibition was called “Whatever1”, and the one before “Whatever”, and reserves of eventual names could be “Whichever”, “Whoever”, also “The best of whatever” or “Old collection of whoever”…

If we accept that existence predates essence, or, as Sartre would put it, that the author is inspired by an idiom or he has decided to create a specific object holding up to his capabilities, experience and eventual meaning of the object. That means that the subject of the idiom has been made into the object, with more or less truthful realization. Still, if the object has been created without previous naming process, that is, if the subject of the idiom has not existed in the idea of the creator, but has been produced by a play of undefined intentions, then the process of definition is assigned to the object itself.

The names we give to such objects are, in reality, simple explications that rarely touch upon the very object they are assigned to. Its transfer from object to an idiom begins with its creation and ends in the moment of finalizing the idiom or loss of a need to continue the process of constituting it in the idiom.

Reaching for Sartre and the narrative about loss of connection between idioms and objects, had the sole goal to draw parallels between inspections of a bark of a tree and looking into a TV set, action painting and shelves in a Japanese toy store. A new process of determining idiom consistency is imminent.

In this period that we live in, it is dominated by the art of explaining and verbalizations, mostly used towards current usability, and that is why final idioms are missing, or at least those idioms in which usability is not measured in minutes. Therefore, the supply of eventual new titles is increasing serenity in the author.

The exhibit is made of sculptures that resemble dragons, hummingbirds or some other animals from the Far East: pokemon and Doraemon. Projections that supplement sculptures are animated movements of liquid forms and recognizable shapes”.

Dragan Đorđević