Presentation “Lighting identity of Belgrade”

September 18th, 2008 > opening at 21h

Through intensive three-day long lighting action, with the mentor’s guiding of our guests, students will analyze the situation in Belgrade and present their experiences as well as their vision of a better-looking city on September 18th at the O3one Gallery at 19h. The workshop is pursuing the lighting identity of Belgrade through marking the “heroes” and “villain” of lighting – good and bad examples of lighting and sketching the night panorama of Belgrade in the future. After similar workshops organized in Singapore in 2005 and Ljubljana 2006, in cooperation with Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, we are organizing the workshop for a student of Tokyo Musashino Art University, Stockholm Lighting Laboratory, and Belgrade University.

Mentors of the workshop:
Kaoru Mende, professor at Musashino Art University  and president of Lighting Planners Associates, Tokyo
Jan Ejhed, professor and founder of the Lighting Laboratory, Stockholm. Christof Fielstette teaches at the Faculty of Architecture, HafenCity University, founder of Made-by-light, Hamburg
Assistants to mentor are the Lighting Detectives of Belgrade: Nebojša Radivojević, Milica Komlenić, and Miloš Mirosavić.