Redesign your mind 2

September 22nd - 30th, 2008 > opening at 19h

Redesign your mind 2 is a project dedicated to the affirmation of a sustainable approach in design, and it presents continuance of the first same name exhibition which took place in May 2007  during the Belgrade Design Week. Redesign your mind exhibition idea is to present final products, as well as concepts of design ideas which comprise aspects of sustainable design – efficiency of function and materials, redesigning of old product, use of waste, energy-saving, bonding with nature, design for consumers, design with a story, having in mind different social groups… , design which involves, in experimental sense, significant exploring possibilities of  sustainable approach or design which can give us, cleverly some interesting answers on current ecological issues. Even if we talk about installations or models, or goods finalize for use, the main goal of REdesign products shall be to put questions of ecological, social responsibilities and design, to encourage the process of conscious thinking into the direction of creating sustainable solutions.

Redesign your mind 2 are:
Miho / Belgrade /, Tanja Todorović / Šabac-New York /, Senja / Belgrade / , Poligon+Jelena Prekajski / Belgrade /, Tarle / Belgrade/, M:ome / California /, Jelena Matić / Belgrade /, od-do arhitekti / Belgrade / , Sestres / Belgrade / , Kako Ko  / Belgrade /, Jovana Bogdanović / Beograd /…
Closing ceremony of the exhibition >>> 30, September >>>  Lost songs,  ŠKART + PROBA.

Founders and organizers of the exhibition are od-do architects /  /
Information about project Redesign your mind –