Belgrade Dance Screen

October 8th - 10th, 2008 > opening at 19h

The ultimate link between the dance and film is known from the time when film art was born. n our times, the video art and complete computer revolution, makes virtual picture becoming a perfect model to create new expression and possibilities. Focused on common development of dance, film and video art, Belgrade Dance Screen is a new manifestation, of informative and attractive concept. The first Belgrade Dance Screen will take place from October 8-10, at the O3one in Belgrade.

During the three festival days, it will present the selection of the famous Swedish Dance Screen from Stockholm, with the participation of filmmakers and choreographers, who will lead this dynamic video dance adventure. The selection of video works of the festival Danca em Foco from Sao Paulo will present the current state in dance in North America. Permanent video exhibition at the O3one Gallery, during the whole manifestation, will be composed of the work of most prestigious choreographers of the XXI century.


October 8th, at 19h

October 8th, 14h – 22h
October 9th & 10th, 14h – 20h

Jiri Kylian, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Mauro Bigonzetti, Akram Khan, Rami Be’er, Saburo Teshigawara, Johan Inger, Bill T Jones, Shen Wei, Nacho Duato, Thierry Malandain, Angelin Preljocaj, Edward Clug

October 8th, 20h – 22h

Centering on people, movement and time, dance films convey an unrivaled sense of the modern age. This selection of films presents choreographers, dancers, and directors currently working in Sweden, each of whom exploits the artistic scope uniquely offered by the new dance cinema. They blend the transience of dance with the intimacy of film, experiment with the plastic dynamics of movement and montage, and explore both rhythm and visuality. Here, aesthetic expression rooted in the modern era takes the form of realism, absurdism, and avant-gardism. Everything is possible!

The Hidden (1996, 3′) choreography: Bogdan Szyber & Carina Reich / director: Jonas Åkerlund
Rewind (2004, 5′) choreography: Gunilla Heilborn / photo: Mårten Nilsson
Weightless (2007, 7′)  choreography, director: Erika Janunger
2soon (2005, 5′) choreography: Cristina Caprioli/photo: Johan Nordström/animation: Henrik Svensson
Paradise? (2007, 4′) choreography, director: Petter Jacobsson, Tom Caley / photo: Scentrifug
Insight (2007, 15′) choreography: Klara Elenius / photo: Linus Eklund
Tila (2007, 4′) choreography, director: Alexandra Campbell
The Rain (2006, 28,30′) choreography, director: Pontus Lieber
Program and round table led by Gunilla Heilborn, choreographer and Marten Nilssen, film director

October 9th, 18h – 20h

–    Stories of Henrik Vicman (2000, 5′)
–     Rewind (2004, 5′)
–     Lodge (2005, 13′)
–     What are you doing? (2007, 29′)

Program and round table led by Gunilla Heilborn, choreographer and Marten Nilssen, film director

DANZA EM FOCO VideoDanza America Latina
October 10th, 18h – 20h

The newest selection of video dance materials gives an idea of the multiplicity of views on the body and movement from artists who share and inhabit this side of the planet – South America.

Danza Para Simetrias –  directed by: Mariano Ramis, choregraphy: Silvia Mortola, Argentina (2005, 3′) / Orillando – directed by: Claudia Sanchez, choreography: Monica Fracchia, Argentina (2006, 6′) / The Swan VS The Spider – directed by: Pablo Jauregui, choreography: Gerardo Agudo, Argentina (2003, 3′) / Acquadamas – directed by: Cayetana Vidal, choreography: Sofia Mazza, Argentina (2007, 13′) / Units of Action – direction, choreography: Gabriela Tropia, Brazil (2007, 5′) / Partida – directed by: Luis Carlos Bezerril, choreography: Ernesto Gadelha, Brazil (2007, 13′) /Movimentos #2 – directed by: Andrea Maciel, choreography: Paulo Mendel, Brazil (2007, 7′) / FF> – directed by: Karenina dos Santos, choreography: Leticia Nabuco, Brazil (2007, 5′) / La Casa – directed by: Juan Ignacio Fernandez, Uruguay (2007, 4′) / Algunas Personas Haciendo Filosofia – directed by: Pablo Casacuberta, Uruguay (2005, 3′) /Chance – directed by: Anibal Caroano, Uruguay (2007, 5′) /The Lake – directed by: Andrea Aroba, Uruguay (2006, 7′).

Belgrade Dance Screen is supported by:

Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia
O3one / Orange Studio, Belgrade

Swedish Institute/ Dance Screen Sweden (Stockholm)
Embassy of Sweden, Belgrade

Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade