October 18th & 19th, 2008

Saturday, October 18th, starting at 15h

  • ERIC MATTSON, Canada

Sunday, October 19th, starting at 15h


A collaboration between Dis-patch and TodaysArt Festival
Saturday / October 18th / O3one

Dis-patch is for more than two years a part of one global and one European networking initiative – European Cities of Advanced Sound (ECAS/ICAS) – which brings together more than 20 like-minded festivals and events from Europe and all of the Americas. One of the results is a program exchange between Dis-patch and TodaysArt festival form The Hague. We will present several exciting Dutch projects in Belgrade, while selected Serbian representatives will take part in TA in September. At TodaysArt 2008 Dis-Patch presents a program with Wo0, Piece of Shh…, DJ Moodswinger and video artist Nenad Popov.

TodaysArt is proud to announce a new collaboration with Serbia’s most adventurous festival of cutting edge music and related art, Dis-Patch. With similarities in aims and approach, Dis-Patch and TodaysArt have come together for a first-time collaboration for the occasion of the 2008 editions of both festivals in Belgrade and The Hague. The political relationship between The Netherlands and Serbia has been – and is currently – under a lot of tension. The cause is a selection of political events taking place at the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, in The Hague. Through forms of artistic and cultural collaborations, TodaysArt and Dis-Patch strive to offer a different view of two cities and its scenes. Artistic relations are occurring spontaneously, through their channels and without the interference of the daily-political context, induced by the media.

The showcase of the TodaysArt Festival is an exciting cross-section of the Dutch scene of electronic music, sound art, and interactive architecture. It will feature an evening entitled “Cinematics”, presenting three exciting Dutch a/v projects: Telcosystems, Optical Machines, and Feedback Society. Xavier van Wersch will conduct two Sonic Wargame Sessions and 2562 bring his continental dubstep flow to the “Bass F(r)iction” night. Finally, the powerful LUST collective will prepare a commissioned sight-specific work for the part of the duration of the festival, making it the first intervention of its kind in the cityscape of Belgrade.

The showcase and its presentation are bringing out a less known side to the city  The Hague in Serbia, as a vast creative source and the home of a vibrant artistic scene.


The project has been supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade, The City of The Hague and The Mondriaan Foundation.

Saturday / October 18th / O3one 
Eric Mattson is an independent audio curator (electronic music, new media) and the director of the record label Oral. Oral is one of the most interesting Canadian labels, dedicated to the releases which are presenting “sound explorations”. Orla catalog boasts artists such as Akufen, Felix Kubin, Martin Tetrault, Thomas Brinkmann, Markus Nikolai, Angel & Hildur Gudnadottir, Kaffe Matthews, CM Von Hausswolff… As a curator, Eric has been working on projects  for 25 years now, in categories such as interactive media (J.A. de Seve research center, communications department UQAM), video (collective of independent producers Neurom-X), music (Media Lounge at FCMM, and MUTEK festival), computer graphics (Neurom-X), theater (the Bridge Bridge), as well as production and publishing (interactive installations, CD-ROMs, websites and lately DVDs).

He has been organizing concerts since 2001, in Quebec and abroad (VOLT-AA, Transistors and Other Circuits, Tilt, Epoxy), and collaborates with festivals such as IDEAL (France), Garage, Club Transmediale, Transmediae and Tesla (Germany). The next step in drawing the sound to interdisciplinary art forms is the Minute Association (together with Nicole Gingras and Suzanne St-Denis), which also organizes events like Ectoplasmes 5×2, Le Passe-Muraille (featuring Angel and Oren Ambrachi among others) and for the next edition of Club Transmediale he is preparing the Frictions program  (Minibloc, Martin Tetrault, Artificial, Michel Langevin, Stefan Nemeth & Steven Hess, Mika Vainio with10 drummers…).


Saturday / October 18th / O3one

Xavier Van Wersch wanted to play music from an early age, but the idea of the necessary exercise of repetitions of scales was too grim to be studying music. But still, after studies of philosophy and art, the love towards music dominated and led him to the influential Institute for Sonology in The Hague – where he did not need to practice scales, but concentrate on the technical aspects of electronic music.

He often uses old, raw electronic circuits extracted from music instruments, and gives them a new sonic life through body contact. His live performances are underlined by a high level of theatrics, where the music, costume, and lights are directed in a way to constantly surprise. The studies of philosophy have made a deep mark on his thinking about the music world today: The more technology progresses, the less we can do without it. Machines are supposed to do exactly what we tell them to do, that’s why they’re usually so boring. I think accepting and anticipating unpredictability is an evolutionary strategy that is close to the way nature itself works. This is what I want to express in my work as an artist.”

Electronics of naked circuits, a techno beat but also a heavy metal atmosphere all roll through his live performance. Xavier is also one of those musicians who does not need a release –  as a discographic outsider, thanks to his performance he came out as the most positive surprise of the Club Transmediale festival this year. Different from the solo concert, the Sonic Wargame project is a system where the controls are entirely defined by parameters. Conceived as a sound play-off, it is a musical game in which the musicians and their “navigators” fight as gladiators for the dominance in the final mix. After studies in Holland and a stay in Belgium, Xavier today lectures at Novus School of Arts and lives in Budapest.

*Supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy and City of The Hague


SCHNEIDER’S BUERO, Berlin, Germany
Sunday / October 19th / 17h / O3one

The bureau of Andreas Schneider is a unique store of music gear in Berlin. With an accent on analog products that are mostly produced by small, independent manufacturers, SB is a bridge between the ones who are creating the tools for electronic sound, and the ones who are using those tools to create music. Dopfer, Vermona, MFB and others on one side, Ritchie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and Trent Reznor on the other. The first ones are producing instruments, the others are buying them, and between them stands the figure of Andreas Schneider.

Before he opened the shop he used to be a member of a German ska band, manager of hip-hop groups and talent scout for the first Viva TV channel. After his friend reached problems in distributing his products with the company Jomox, he dedicated himself to the distribution of companies who do not have such strong channels as Korg, Roland or Yamaha. To further support the distribution, he moved from Bremen to Berlin and opened the shop in which everything on offer (hardware sequencers, analog synths, modular systems, rhythm machines…) can be tested immediately.

To develop a specific atmosphere than most of the cold, often impolite music shops where it is a sin to ask how something works, Andreas decides to demonstrate the capabilities of certain products by himself. Because of the exclusivity of the offer, but also the geostrategic impact of Berlin on the scene of electronic music in general, the shop becomes a genuine cult among musicians, and also a starting point for many of the small manufacturers. Some of them operate as small, family endeavors and invest all of their time into the products – for them the existence of SB is essential in terms of marketing and distribution.

The shop also functions as a small museum where the sound of contemporary gear can be heard, but touched as well, while Andreas states that there similar do exist elsewhere – one in Japan and one in the US. For tourists, clubbers, bloggers and other music geeks, the building where the shop is located is also known for the club Weekend, which is situated on the 10th floor, and so it happens that some parts of the equipment can go directly from the shop – to the dancefloor. On entering the shop, the sound of Theremin awaits you, alongside Schneider’s motto “Analogue is better!”.

Schneider has presented a huge stand at the annual Frankfurt music fair, to explain to the skeptics the advantages and unique features of analog tools. Called “The Superbooth”, the stand became an internationally-renowned mecca for synthesizer freaks. In the Superbooth’s first year, Bob Moog personally participated and gave Schneider’s idea particular attention.SB is the guest of honor at this year’s festival – besides the visual identity itself, inspired by the analog legacy, the festival will host the world premiere of the documentary Totally Wired by the director Niamh Ahern, alongside a lecture from Mr. Schneider and a special visit to the legendary electronic studio of Radio Belgrade.


“Every synth geek should visit Schneider’s Büro in Berlin” SYNTHSTUFF